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GD Chair meets German Ambassador
PM meets German Ambassador
German Ambassador: Georgia made lot of progress in getting closer to EU
German Ambassador: Dear Georgian friends, please hurry up, deliver on nine points as quickly as possible
German Ambassador wishes new PM success on Georgia's path to EU
Peter Fischer: In 2024 Germany and Georgia will continue to work together towards EU
German Ambassador: We want Georgia to get candidate status next week
German Ambassador visits Germany-supported projects in West Georgia
German Ambassador: Georgia can rely on its int'l partners for support to end Russia's malign acts
German Ambassador: Speed and quality of EU approach in hands of states that are coming closer to us
German Ambassador welcomes Georgia as EU member but reminds of standards
German Ambassador optimistic about EU decision, stresses importance of upcoming report
French and German Ambassadors urge Georgian political forces for unity 
NBG Acting President meets German Ambassador
German Ambassador says Georgia cares that its territory is not used for circumventing sanctions
German Ambassador believes Georgia should be part of EU
Vilnius Summit gave very strong statement in support of Georgia, German Ambassador says
Peter Fischer: Germany supports Georgia's EU integration aspirations
Ambassador Peter Fischer: German Chancellor affirmed continued support for Georgia’s EU path
German Ambassador: We want Georgia to join EU, get EU candidate status