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Giorgi Gakharia: Georgia's occupation remains one of the biggest challenges for our country
State Security Service: Illegal detentions carried out by the occupation forces damage security situation on the ground
Flowers laid at the grave of Giga Otkhozoria
FT - Georgia seeks more western military support to counter Russia threat
Anders Knape – Occupation is unacceptable
U.S. Secretary of State – 30 years after fall of the Berlin Wall, Russia continues occupation of Crimea, part of Eastern Ukraine and Georgian territories
President of Georgia – Boundary line of the occupied territories represents a tragedy
Tina Bokuchava - The occupation cannot be equated with any other problem
Christopher Smith – Russia has kept Abkhazia and South Ossetia illegally occupied for more than 10 years
Adam Kinzinger – Big friend of the U.S., being under conditions of occupation, continues coping with provocations of Russia with patience
Tskhinvali occupation regime not allowed family to transfer injured woman to Tbilisi hospital
Justice Minister – Georgian government puts peaceful but firm policy in oppose to occupation
Tskhinvali occupation regime detained EUMM Monitors
Madeleine Moon: Russia wants dividing line to become defined border and tries to divide Georgia illegally
David Zalkaliani met with Sergey Lavrov
Vladimer Konstantinidi: International community does not tolerate illegal occupation of Georgia’s regions and condemns Russia's steps
Giorgi Gakharia discussed the need of raising the issue of occupied territories at high level of international formats with Ambassador of Germany
Russia holds military training in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region
Hubert Knirsch: Human rights violations in occupied Akhalgori and Chorchana village deserve attention
Urmas Reinsalu: Russia should be held accountable for its aggression against Georgia and Ukraine