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Juvenile charged for premeditated murder of Davit Saralidze sentenced to imprisonment
One of the main witnesses into Khorava Street murder case detained
Appeals Court will announce the verdict into Khorava Street murder case
Juvenile witnesses of Khorava Street murder questioned
Witnesses separated from main case of Khorava Street murder questioned
MIA – Witnesses separated from main Khorava Street murder case being questioned
Giorgi Gakharia: Opposition discredited fact-finding commission, because did not achieve any results
Marching in connection with anniversary of Khorava Street tragedy
Giorgi Gakharia will arrive at the Parliament next week
Mamuka Bakhtadze: It is totally unacceptable to compare Sandro Girgvliani’s murder to Khorava Street’s strategy
Final report of Fact-finding Commission to be submitted to Bureau on September 6
Giorgi Gakharia and Irakli Shotadze answering questions of Facts-Finding Commission
Anri Okhanashvili – Commission has questioned 70 people for the time being
Fact-Finding Commission into Khorava Street murder case to question prosecutors
Court imposes imprisonment to juvenile charged into Khorava Street murder case
Sergi Kapanadze calls on MIA to launch investigation into the fact of wounding juvenile G.M
Members of Interim Investigation Commission meeting with representatives of NGOs
Irakli Kobakhidze: Establishing Parliamentary Commission on Khorava Street murder case proves that government has nothing to hide
Interim Parliamentary Commission meets with witnesses
Giorgi Gakharia – Several persons additionally detained into Khorava Street case