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EU Ambassador highlights need for substantial progress in deoligarchization, judicial reform, media freedom
Kobakhidze vows GD to follow Venice Commission's judicial reform recommendations
Judicial reform to address real challenges facing courts in Georgia, US Ambassador says
Georgian Parliament kicks off working on judicial reform
Georgia carries out judicial reform with support of U.S., MP Okhanashvili says
Parliament Speaker vows to complete judicial reform in one year
Secretary Blinken deems judicial reform as critical to Georgia's success
All obligations related to judicial reform to be fulfilled, President says
Judiciary should receive the maximum trust from the population, German Ambassador says
US Ambassador: April 19th Agreement includes pausing Supreme Court appointments ere inclusive multi-party judicial reform consultations
Parliament passes judicial reform-related amendments
US Embassy: Embassy continues to work closely with Georgians on strengthening its judiciary
U.S. State Department on ‘Democratic Developments in Georgia’
Bill prepared within 4th wave of judicial reform to be presumably initiated at bureau sitting today
U.S. Embassy and the Delegation of EU to Georgia welcome the final draft legislation on “fourth wave” of judicial reforms
EU Delegation and the U.S. Embassy released Joint Statement on the Fourth Wave of Judicial Reform 
Irakli Kobakhidze – I believe that we will reach consensus
Meeting of Judicial Reform Working Group underway at Radisson Hotel