Vice-Speaker Talakvadze: Time to secure EU place for Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova
Vice-Speaker Talakvadze: Time to secure EU place for Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova

Now its your move and time to secure the place for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova within European family. Only this can provide real guarantee that new generations live in peaceful and prosperous region,  Archil Talakvadze, Georgian Vice-Speaker and the head of the delegation addressed the the Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform.

According to him, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova should get a clear roadmap for the membership in the European Union.

“Together, we can be stronger Europe!” Vice-Speaker stated.

Talakvadze said that the participation of the delegation of the Parliament of Georgia in the summit once again demonstrates Georgia’s strong support for the Ukrainian people, who are heroically fighting for freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity, fighting for the future of the whole of Europe.

“Our support for Ukraine is a declaration that we stand for justice, peace, and the inherent right of nations to decide about their future. Nobody should be attacked for this decision in the civilized world.

After two years since the full scale and illegal invasion of Ukraine, Georgia along to the international community continues to stand by the Ukrainian people.

We joined all important decisions and political resolutions regarding Ukraine. We delivered humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. We visited Kyiv, to support our colleagues and we’ve been in Bucha & Irpin to demonstrate our solidarity, where we’ve seen shocking consequences of Russia’s military aggression. The embassy of Georgia has never stopped its operation during the war and our diplomats stayed in Kiev to serve.

From the very first moment we opened our hearts and doors to every Ukrainian in need. Ukrainian refugees in Georgia enjoy the same benefits as Georgian IPDs do. We opened schools and programs for Ukrainian children where they access education in their mother language,” Talakvadze said.

Vice-Speaker said that since Russia’s military aggression against Georgia in 2008, this war is repeated reminder that when the sovereignty of one nation is threatened, the security of all is at stake.

“That’s why we are here not just as individuals of different nations, but as one united voice and one united family – its time to show the power that lies in our democracies,” he said.

“Despite the fact our country itself is under the existential threat and two of our historic regions remain occupied by Russia, we will not swerve from this commitment in the name of both Georgian and Ukrainian nations. Georgia’s support to Ukraine is unconditional and timeless,” Talakvadze added.