Vice PM: Georgia and US ready to deepen strategic relations, including economic
Vice PM: Georgia and US ready to deepen strategic relations, including economic

Levan Davitashvili, the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, discussed Georgia’s relations with the USA, emphasizing the need for more outcomes.

He mentioned ongoing efforts to review trade agreements, work on more liberal regimes for crucial export products, and the desire for progress in free trade.

“We continue our efforts to attract increased quality investment from the United States. This includes our commitment to facilitating direct flights by being prepared to implement necessary infrastructural changes at our airports. While acknowledging the challenges we may encounter and recognizing that our efforts alone may not be sufficient, we remain proactive. We understand that initiating new direct flights might initially be challenging commercially, but it holds significant importance in fostering trade, economic collaboration, tourism, and people-to-people relations. In this regard, the US government’s support would be appropriate and valuable. This collaboration is particularly crucial as we are strategic partners, and there is a mutual desire to deepen these relations, emphasizing economic aspects,” Davitashvili stated.

The Minister also cited successful cooperation in the field of technology and innovation.

“We have achieved notable progress in the IT sector, contributing more than a billion dollars to our country’s revenue last year. The involvement of American companies has been instrumental in this success. However, we aim to level-up our relationship, including the IT sector and other domains. Consequently, we have expressed our readiness and anticipation for forthcoming steps,” he added.