Vice PM dismisses opposition's claims on Belt and Road Forum participation
Vice PM dismisses opposition's claims on Belt and Road Forum participation

The Vice Prime Minister and Economy Minister of Georgia, Levan Davitashvili, dismissed opposition claims surrounding his participation in the Belt and Road Forum, which also involved the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It comes as no surprise when the opposition attempts to speculate on fabricated topics,” he asserted.

Minister emphasized that Georgia has been partaking in the Belt and Road Forum since its inception and that the recent visit was part of the routine participation.

“This year marked a significant development in Georgia’s economic relations with China. After an eight-year break without an intergovernmental economic commission, Georgia engaged in the first economic commission in Beijing following the announcement of a strategic partnership and cooperation between the two countries.

The Chinese government, particularly the Ministry of Commerce, served as a key partner in discussions on trade and economic issues, representing a significant step forward for Georgia’s economic progress and cooperation with China, one of its main economic partners,” he added.

Davitashvili clarified that the Georgian delegation participated in the forum and received a separate invitation to a dinner organized by President Xi Jinping.

“Accepting invitations from the host party is a standard diplomatic protocol when participating in forums,” he remarked.

The Vice Minister dismissed accusations of closed negotiations and secret communications, reaffirming the government’s steadfast commitment to non-acceptance of occupation. He emphasized that there were “no other forms of engagement, additional meetings, or undisclosed dialogues.”

Levan Davitashvili stressed that Georgia’s participation in international forums is transparent and involves dialogue with strategic partners, including Western partners. He clarified that such participation serves the interests of Georgia and its people.

He highlighted that since 2012, the government of Georgia has not conceded anything to the occupier in any arena, be it on international platforms, in diplomatic realms, or in international courts.

The opposition criticized Economy Minister Levan Davitashvili’s participation in the Belt and Road Forum, an event hosted by China that also involved Russian President Vladimir Putin.