UNM Chair: Gov't, society responsible for Saakashvili
UNM Chair: Gov't, society responsible for Saakashvili

Nika Melia, United National Movement Chair, on Thursday, said, “with everyone’s efforts, we will manage to save Mikheil Saakashvili’s life, and he will be transferred abroad.”

After a meeting of several opposition parties, Melia said: “We are united against the biggest challenge facing the country.”

He stressed that the entire West urges the Georgian government to transfer Mikheil Saakashvili overseas for medical treatment.

Melia holds the Georgian Dream (GD) accountable for the entire process, as the ruling team has now to decide whether to keep or take Saakashvili’s life.

The UNM Chair stressed the processes will alter “if the government does not face reality.”

“And in this process, the role of the society, including the opposition forces, first of all, the United National Movement, will be decisive and crucial.”