"Tbilisi Pride" plans to hold March of Dignity on July 8
"Tbilisi Pride" plans to hold March of Dignity on July 8

According to organizers of “Tbilisi Pride”, tomorrow, on July 8, March of Dignity will be held.

According to the statement released by the organizers, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has a full resource to ensure safety during the event.

“The march announced for June 22 was postponed due to June 20 developments. This decision painful for us was made because of tense political situation in the country. We, as citizens of this country, expressed our solidarity to those who expressed their fair protest against the Russian occupation and shameful visit of the Russian MP to Georgia.

Tomorrow, on July 8, the team of Tbilisi Pride, together with our local and international supporters, will hold a “March of Dignity”, – reads the statement released by organizers.

“March of Dignity” planned for 22 June was postponed due to June 20-21 developments.