SSG says security ensured amid increased regional challenges
SSG says security ensured amid increased regional challenges

The State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) echoed the media reports about alleged premeditated health damage of American diplomats in different countries, including Georgia, following the foreign investigations of anomaly incidents.

The SSG said it verified the information in line with international practices and waited for the official statements from the partner side, which was directly involved in the case.

The Service stressed that the US Central Intelligence Agency and Department of State suspected the reality of the investigation journalism from the beginning and confirmed no fact, either in Georgia or elsewhere (Germany, Austria, Poland, Cuba) in 2021.

“The SSG believes the response is exhausted satisfying public interest and claims there is no need to prove the groundlessness of the existing version again.

It is regrettable that despite comprehensive explanations provided by the American partners, certain media outlets and individuals still attempted to use the issue for speculation to discredit the SSG.

We want to assure society that amid the increased challenges in the region, security is ensured in the country that is reflected in peaceful coexistence for the last years,” the SSG said.