Racha Governor: Rescue efforts expand to Gumathesi 
Racha Governor: Rescue efforts expand to Gumathesi 

Rescue efforts expanded to Gumathesi hydroelectric power stations HPPs, said Papuna Margvelidze, Racha Regional Governor.

According to Margvelidze, infrastructure restoration works continue in parallel to the rescue efforts. Two bridges are restored, and a new road is constructed from the Shovi resort in the direction of Katskhis Tskali. The water supply system is restored in Glola village.

The death toll in the landslide-ravaged Shovi resort of the Oni Municipality rose to 31 on August 24.

Two people are still missing, and rescue efforts continue at various locations, including the Rioni and Chanchakhi riverbeds. Heavy vehicles, human resources, and a team of cynologists are involved in the efforts.

A deadly landslide struck the resort on August 3.