Nika Melia quits UNM
Nika Melia quits UNM

Nika Melia on Thursday said he had decided to leave the United National Movement (UNM) party.

According to Melia,” the UNM made informal governance a standard.”

“This place has become a vicious circle, where everyone’s interest is taken into account, except for the people. Staying in this vicious circle means renouncing truth, dignity, morality, and the future of Georgia.

Most of the political class believes that money is the primary weapon of today’s battle, and I believe that truth, honesty, and sincerity are the primary weapons.

Now I have two options: behave like most people and wear this mask, or be fully honest and real to myself and to you.

Either I accept the rules of the political corruption game or I stick with the people and help them alter the rules.

I am moving forward, towards the future. I leave the past in the past. The oligarchy in this country wants to write the Georgian history, but the history of Georgia will be written by the Georgian people,” Melia went on to say.