Mamuka Bakhtadze: Education will serve as the only guarantee for overcoming painful challenges facing Georgia
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Education will serve as the only guarantee for overcoming painful challenges facing Georgia

Georgia’s system of higher education is already a member of the EU, another victory for our national idea of education, – Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze commented on the accession of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement to the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR).

According to the Head of Government, it means that diplomas issued by Georgian schools of higher education will be recognized throughout the European family.

The Prime Minister praised accession to EQAR, along with ENQA membership, as a giant step forward, and congratulated everyone on this far-reaching achievement.

Mamuka Bakhtadze singled out the importance of education as a national idea, and thanked the MPs for supporting the legislative changes for this large-scale reform.

“A few weeks ago, the Parliament of Georgia approved our national idea. Over the next few years, the education budget will grow half a billion every year to make up quarter of our budget in 2022. According to the law, this rule will be mandatory for every successive government, to invest the budget most heavily in Georgia’s human capital, the greatest of them all. I am confident that education, our national idea, will help us, and serve as the only guarantee, join forces and ensure consolidation to overcome every painful challenge facing Georgia today, be it occupation or different economic problems. Undoubtedly, Georgia in the 21st century will be a strong unified state, and education as our national idea will guarantee that,” -Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

The Prime Minister also spoke of the importance of accession to EURAXESS in terms of fostering science and innovation, also stating the unique opportunity it all offers to Georgian scholars to engage in the historically important projects underway in the European family.

The Prime Minister thanked the Minister of Education and the Ministry’s staff for their contribution to the process of Georgia’s accession to these three most important platforms of the European family: EQAR, ENQA, and EURAXESS.

As a result of Georgia’s accession to EQAR, information about Georgia-based universities will appear in the European Registry, which will tremendously boost their visibility and trust toward them, and will significantly promote the recognition of their diplomas and qualifications throughout Europe.