Israeli Ambassador's interview with GPB First Channel
Israeli Ambassador's interview with GPB First Channel

Israeli Ambassador to Georgia, Hadas Ester Meitzad set down in an interview with GPB First Channel remarking on the street protests against judicial reform in Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put the reform on hold, holding talks with the opposition. As Hadas Ester Meitzad explained, “What we are now seeing in Israel is our democratic spirit.”

“A big part of Israeli society is very much against this reform and they believe this reform will damage democracy. Another big part of the Israelis is very much in favor of this law and they believe that without the reform of the justice system, this will damage the democracy in Israel.

What we are now seeing in Israel is our democratic spirit. We are having discussions over it in the parliament, between the coalition and the opposition, and in the street, people are demonstrating against it, people are demonstrating in favor of it, and as of last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he is putting everything on hold, that under the President [Isaac] Herzog, in President Herzog residence, they are holding discussions, the representative of the major, of a big party, in order to come up with the compromise solution.

At the end of the day, our way has been and will be a democratic way. And even though the elected government has the mandate to carry out this reform, at the end of the day, I think, everybody aspires to receive as larger, and broader a consensus as possible and this is what we are seeing now, is the discussion between all the relevant parties,” she asserted.

Alluding to the ties between Israel and U.S., the Ambassador noted that “Israel and U.S. are the strongest allies. We have been for many, many years and we have no doubt that the U.S. is always looking for the best of interest in Israel. Sometimes, as happens in all good families, we can have disagreements, and the U.S. can clearly state its opinion or its curiosity about the processes that are taking place in Israel.”