Georgia's cooperation with EU to be as energetic as ever, PM Garibashvili says
Georgia's cooperation with EU to be as energetic as ever, PM Garibashvili says

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili vows Georgia’s cooperation with the EU is as energetic as ever. He stressed that despite these challenges, Georgia continues to honour its commitments to European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Garibashvili claims Georgia has been advancing its European integration in various areas covered by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and active engagement in the Eastern Partnership, “an important policy for Georgia and our entire region.”

“The recently announced Post-2020 Eastern Partnership Priorities are opening new opportunities to enhance Georgia’s connectivity to the EU through improved Transport connectivity across the Black Sea. The Partnership will also help 80,000 SMEs realize the full benefits of the DCFTA. Let me thank the European Union for the readiness to allocate 3.9 billion euros to Georgia as part of the Economic and Investment Plan for the next seven years. All these efforts will serve to shrink further the physical distance between Georgia and the EU, fully realize the benefits of the Association Agreement, and increase the prosperity of the citizens of this country,” PM underscored.

PM pledges the Association Agreement implementation remains at the top of the government’s agenda, saying that the country is diligently continuing reforms aimed at stronger democratic institutions, legal approximation, and regulatory convergence with the EU.

“As you know, my government made an ambitious pledge to prepare Georgia for filing the EU membership application in 2024. I am certain we will achieve this goal through continued reforms, steady implementation of the Association Agreement and gradual approximation with the EU,” PM stated.

Speaking of Georgia-US relations, Irakli Garibashvili noted that President Biden knows Georgia and this region well, which is “a big plus for Georgia-US relations and in turn, a positive development for the entire region.”

“President Biden has re-engaged his EU counterparts and met with President Putin as part of America’s renewed global engagement. I’ve met with then-President Biden on numerous occasions. He knows Georgia, and he knows this region. That is a big plus for Georgia-US relations and, in turn, a positive development for the entire region,” he said.

PM added that Georgia has emerged from the pandemic with renewed strength and purpose, focused on NATO and EU membership, and doing its part to maintain regional peace and stability.

“Today, our democracy is on track thanks to the efforts of our EU and American friends, led by EU President Michel. As a result of renewed multilateral support and financial assistance, normalcy is returning, democracy is working, and our economy is starting to boom,” PM stated.

Garibashvili stressed the crucial role that the EU and US play in the security and stability in Georgia.

He added that the EU Monitoring Mission has provided the only international presence along the occupation line and has greatly contributed to the prevention of provocations by the occupying force since the last Russian aggression in 2008.

“The EU and US have been exemplary partners in aiding our security, our economy, and our democracy. We are a young democracy, but we listen, we learn, and we improve as we seek greater European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” he declared.

Today, the Georgian coastal city of Batumi is hosting the 2021 International Conference over enhanced cooperation between the three associated partners of the European Union – Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.