Georgian PM offers youth to choose 10 delegates to partake in public debate over Transparency Law
Georgian PM offers youth to choose 10 delegates to partake in public debate over Transparency Law

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze proposed on Friday a public debate over the Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence, offering youth participating in the anti-transparency rally to choose 10 delegates to attend.

The PM wrote on Facebook that there was “significantly less” violence during the most recent protests. “I would like to thank all our sincere fellow citizens participating in the demonstrations.”

Kobakhidze noted, “The violence at the rallies had specific organizers – the radical parties, NGOs, and their associated violent groups.”

“The violence reduction has been credited to the young people who chose not to participate in the rallies for political reasons but who honestly felt that the bill would impede our country’s European integration. One must think that, in the end, it was them who gave the protests a peaceful appearance acceptable to Georgian culture.

Emotions have largely ebbed away. Many individuals who previously believed differently have now realized that the law is not Russian at all. Despite external blackmail, many people recognized that this bill would not impede Georgia’s European integration either.

If we maintain the same dignity in the future, we will undoubtedly accomplish success in all areas, including Georgia’s integration into the European Union.

The future of Georgia belongs to the youth. Our country has an exemplary, exceptionally bright, and progressive youth, and they should take over the management and development of this country in the future. This country must be run together in the future by young people who support or oppose the Transparency Law today.

Therefore, meeting all healthy-minded young people and discussing important issues is a special honor for me. I am ready not only to hear from them, but also, when appropriate, to share notes, and I expect the same from them. You can also bring two or three people whom you consider authoritative experts.

I hope that this time we will get a suitable response to constructiveness and openness, and unlike the ambassadors and the media belonging to the radical opposition, young people will engage in a healthy discussion about the Transparency Law,” Kobakhidze stated.