Georgian PM, K-water CEO meet over Nenskra HPP Project
Georgian PM, K-water CEO meet over Nenskra HPP Project

Irakli Garibashvili, Georgian Prime Minister on Monday met with Park Jae-hyeon, CEO of K-water, the investor company of Nenskra HPP Project.

The duo discussed current and planned energy projects, emphasising the necessity of investing in sustainable and renewable energy, the government’s press office reported.

PM Garibashvili stressed that the Georgian government offers investors a favourable investment environment. Speeding up the HPP construction and finishing the project duly was also underscored at the meeting.

Nenskra Hydropower Plant Project comprises construction of Nenskra Hydropower Plant (HPP) – the largest strategic hydropower plant in the history of independent Georgia.

The HPP which would cost about $1,5 billion will be constructed on the Nenskra river in Upper Svaneti, a mountain region of Georgia.