Georgian authorities raise concerns at IPRM about unlawfully imprisoned citizens
Georgian authorities raise concerns at IPRM about unlawfully imprisoned citizens

The Incidents Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM) group meeting took place in Ergneti village, which borders the occupied Tskhinvali region.

After the meeting, it was revealed that the so-called trial currently in progress in occupied Tskhinvali into the case of two Georgian citizens, Dimitri Korinteli and Giorgi Meladze, who were unlawfully detained.

Irakli Antadze, Deputy Director of the Analytical Department at the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG), said that the primary focus of the meeting was the murder of Tamaz Gintur. Representatives from the central government of Georgia reiterated their demand to identify those responsible for the murder and impose severe punishment despite the occupation regime’s claim that the so-called border guards acted lawfully.

The meeting also addressed incidents of illegal detention of Georgian citizens and continued borderization.

“Our stance remains unchanged, and we actively collaborate with international partners to mitigate these threats from the occupied territories.

Regarding the Tamaz Ginturi case, we requested updated information from participants representing the Russian Federation. Unfortunately, we received a standard response, stating that the investigation was conducted, and the so-called border guards acted within their authority. Such a position is outrageous in its own cynicism.

As for Davit Gurtsiev, this issue was raised due to local population concerns. Gurtsiev is a criminal wanted by Interpol, convicted in the territory controlled by the central government, posing a serious risk to the security environment,” Irakli Antadze stated.