Georgia Foremost not to admit “demonstration of filthiness”
Georgia Foremost not to admit “demonstration of filthiness”

“We will not admit demonstration of depravity and filthiness in public space in Georgia,” said Vato Shakarashvili, founder of Georgia Foremost public movement.

According to Shakarashvili, the movement members will gather at 1 p.m. at Lisi Wonderland and will peacefully voice their firm stance.

He said the standpoint of the Tbilisi Hippodrome Service Director turned out to be “yielding due to high pressure from abroad;” President Zourabichvili also released a supportive statement.

“The situation is like this – over there is the unification of Georgia’s adversaries, and here stands the Georgian society, which has film position, and the Georgian society will peacefully and united, will not admit the precedent of public holding of the LGBT Pride Festival in Georgia,” he said.

Earlier, Maia Tabaghua, one of the shareholders of Lisi Hippodrome territory said that due to security reasons, they would not admit Pride Festival holding on the territory.