GD initiates draft legislative package on Protection of Family Values and Minors
GD initiates draft legislative package on Protection of Family Values and Minors

The ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party initiated a draft legislative package of constitutional amendments on Protection of Family Values and Minors, said Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili at the briefing.

The package consists of 19 laws, among them one is the main and 18 related drafts that will also lead to amendments in the Civil Code, Labor Code and education legislation.

“The first issue is about marriage. As you know, the issue of marriage was regulated by the Constitution in 2017 as a union between a man and a woman to establish a family. However, we have been hearing about alternative forms of marriage to be introduced in Georgia. The law will ban the registration of any union other than between a man and a woman.

The second issue concerns child adoption. Here, a person who considers them to be of a different gender or is not a heterosexual will not be allowed to adopt an underage child when it has to do with single persons who want to adopt a child.

The third issue is about gender change surgeries. Surgeries for changing a gender to a person or other manipulations will be prohibited.

Fourth, indication of gender in state-issued documents. Indication of another gender will not be allowed in ID documents.

Fifth, prohibiting the promotion of LGBT propaganda in the education sector would prevent the dissemination of information that assigns a different gender to a person and promote relationships between individuals of the same gender or incest.

Sixth, it is crucial to note that prohibition will extend to scenes reflecting same-sec relations on TV and advertising. Broadcasters will not be allowed to air such scenes.

The seventh issue concerns the banning of public manifestations and gatherings that aim to popularize same-sex relations or incest.

The eighth issue refers to labour relations, both in private and public institutions, such an obligation imposed within the framework of the labour relation, which is aimed at ignoring the biological sex, will be invalid,” he said.

The Speaker added that 19 laws will regulate the issues of concern.

May 17, celebrated as Family Purity Day for ten years, will be a public holiday in the main law and the Labour Code.

“This is the main content, aspects of the amendments that will be reviewed today and will be public. As for the procedures, during the current spring session, we will consider this bill in the first reading and pass it with the first reading. This package will be adopted in the second and third readings in the fall session. There is enough time for any interested stakeholders to engage in discussions,” Shalva Papuashvili stated.

The Georgian Dream (GD) party initiated constitutional amendments on the Protection of Family Values and Minors on April 4.