Ex-president Margvelashvili supports more protests, radicalization
Ex-president Margvelashvili supports more protests, radicalization

Georgia’s fourth President, Giorgi Margvelashvili, believes that the opposition is too dependent on “honourable partners,” Georgia should cooperate with them but not necessarily follow their “tactic steps.”

According to Giorgi Margvelashvili, Georgians must confront the “regime,” and the protest wave should expand and become more radical.

Talking live with Formula TV, Margvelashvili said that international partners repeatedly called for de-polarization and calming the situation, but “this mistake should not be committed again.”

“The protection of freedom and independence in a free society never stops because as soon as you deviate even slightly from this path, people willing to become tyrants appear,” he said.

Giorgi Margvelashvili remembered Father Bush, who arrived in Ukraine and addressed Ukrainian people, saying they “gathered with toxic nationalism,” something that Georgia’s partners urge Georgians to “discharge the situation.”

The ex-president believes that reducing the fuse today is completely unethical and equivalent to losing the election. He remembered his last year’s statement about radicalization and the opposition leaders’ reaction, while the opposition was told at one of the embassies that such statements were unacceptable.

“If the situation tends to reduce the fuse, the Georgian Dream will gain a Constitutional majority in the elections. Our partners will urge for peace. We take the impetus and end it in the elections with the victory instead of committee hearings. Otherwise, we deepen the Soviet Georgia reality. The way out is radicalization, not necessarily taking to the streets, this is non-collaboration,” he said.