EU Ambassador: Now is time to unite, join forces for Georgia's European integration
EU Ambassador: Now is time to unite, join forces for Georgia's European integration

EU Ambassador to Georgia Paweł Herczyński addressed the citizens of Georgia outside the Orbeliani Palace following the European Commission’s decision to recommend that Georgia be granted EU candidate status. The Ambassador called it ‘a truly historic day.’

“I want to sincerely congratulate all political leaders in Georgia. I want to congratulate the President of Georgia for her strong and unwavering efforts but first and foremost, I want to congratulate you all, the people of Georgia. You have strongly and consistently supported Georgic’s European integration,” he stated.

Herczyński noted that “This is a big recognition from the EU of the progress achieved within the last years and the overwhelming public support towards EU membership.”

“Today as we grief the horrific killing of the Georgian citizen by the Russian border guards, I hope the positive recommendation from the European Commission will also encourage the occupied breakaway territories to move closer to the rest of the country and eventually help bring a peaceful resolution of the continued tragic division of Georgia.

Today’s positive recommendation also underlines that the EU sees Georgia as the key partner in the region which can play an important role in bringing peace and stability in the neighbourhood.

At the same time, we should not forget that the recommendation to grant Georgia the candidate country status is linked to further reforms. Addressing the steps, identified by the EC will be crucial to move to the next stage. To do this Georgia needs to reduce political polarization. My one and most important message to all of you would be that now is the time to unite and join forces for Georgia’s European integration. I witnessed many times when you are united you can really do many great things,” he underscored.