Co-Chairs of Geneva Discussions issue statement
Co-Chairs of Geneva Discussions issue statement

The Co-Chairs of the Geneva International Discussions have issued a statement regarding the 57th round of the Geneva Talks.

“The 57th round of the Geneva International Discussions (GID) took place on 4 and 5 April 2023 in two working groups meeting in parallel, in line with the Six-Point Agreement of 12 August 2008 and the Implementing Measures of 8 September 2008.

The participants reviewed security and humanitarian developments since the previous GID round held in October 2022.

Against the backdrop of the highly challenging geopolitical environment, the participants reiterated their commitment to the process and interest in ensuring the continuity of the GID as the only platform where the conflict consequences are addressed. The Co-Chairs and participants underlined the key role played by the GID as a platform for predictability and dialogue, for the benefit of security and stability, as well as the well-being of conflict-affected populations.

Following intense exchanges on the non-use of force and international security arrangements, the participants could not reach a common understanding on this core item on the agenda. Unfortunately, the issue of IDPs and refugees could not be fully covered either due to a walkout by some participants.

The Co-Chairs informed the participants about their intention to hold the next GID round in mid-July 2023, pending confirmation by all participants,” reads the statement.