CNN - 10 of the dreamiest places in Georgia
CNN - 10 of the dreamiest places in Georgia

Georgia may be small in size, but it still packs an astounding geographical punch – CNN writes in an article.

“In the west, you’ll find subtropical citrus groves that edge toward the Black Sea, while in the east, rolling vineyards give way to parched steppes punctuated by thousand-year-old monasteries.

It’s also home to three of Europe’s six tallest mountains; in their shadow, the wilderness of the Caucasus extends in every direction with bears, eagles, and wolves sharing real estate with some of the remotest — and most scenic — mountain villages you’ve never heard of,” reads the article.

The 10 of the dreamiest places in Georgia according to CNN are: Mutso, Ushguli, Vardzia, Gelati Monastery, Gergeti Trinity Church, Ananuri, Gomismta, Sighnaghi, Dartlo and Davit Gareja.




Gelati Monastery

Gergeti Trinity Church





Davit Gareja