CEC Chair Tamar Zhvania resigns
CEC Chair Tamar Zhvania resigns

The Chairperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Tamar Zhvania, has resigned on Wednesday.

CEC Chair believes her decision will enhance the possibility of constructive relations between political forces, foster CEC, the upcoming local election process and the state.

“Election regulations adopted under Charles Michel’s agreement have brought a new reality. Accordingly, the election of a new CEC chairperson under the new rule will be an additional contributing factor to a broad political accord,” she underscored.

Zhvania stressed that she would neither enter politics nor the Cabinet.

“My plans are only related to the international organization activities,” she posted on her Facebook.

Tamar Zhvania has been heading the Georgian Central Election Commission since 2013. She was elected as the CEC Chairperson on December 24, 2018, for a second term.