CEC begins to print ballot papers
CEC begins to print ballot papers

The Georgian Central Election Commission (CEC) begins printing of ballot papers.

According to the CEC Spokesperson Ana Mikeladze ballot papers are being printed for the 28 October Presidential Election and for Sakrebulo By-elections to be held at 6 election precincts in Terjila and Samtredia.

The process of printing ballot papers will last for several days and along with the CEC members 12 observers of two international and five local observer organizations will monitor the process.

“In total 3 259 900 ballot papers will be printed in six printing houses for 3 709 election precincts. Out of them, 3 252 800 are designated for Presidential Election and 7 100 – for Sakrebulo By-elections.

On E-day, each voter will receive one ballot paper for presidential election. Voters at six election precincts in Terjola and Samtredia will receive two ballot papers: one for the presidential election and one for Sakrebulo by-elections” – stated Ana Mikeladze.

As Ana Mikeldaze stated, according to the legislation, in order to provide a precise recording of ballot papers, they shall be numbered sequentially and bound in 50 copies in the form of a notebook. According to the total number of voters in an electoral precinct, each election precinct will receive the number of ballot, which is equal to a multiple number of 50.

It should be noted that ballot papers will be also printed in languages of ethnic minorities: ballot papers in Georgian-Azerbaijani languages will be distributed to 209 election precincts, ballots in Georgian-Armenian languages – at 133 election precincts. For four election precincts trilingual ballot papers will be printed (Georgia-Azerbaijani-Armenian).

The CEC will deliver ballot papers to District Election Commissions (DEC) within the terms defined by the legislations (no later than 2 days before E-day). No later than 12 hour before the start of polling, DECs will ensure delivering ballot papers to Precinct Election Commissions (PEC).

According to the CEC spokesperson, the CEC also ensures the printing of table version of the voters’ list (with photos) and the public version of the voters’ list (to be placed on wall). As Ana Mikeladze stated, according to the final data, there are 3 518 890 voters registered in the unified voters list.