Tinatin Berdzenishvili - GPB Director General

For all of us, for each of us

The Georgian Public Broadcaster transformation process is ongoing. That is triggered by the GPB idea itself that is a fundamentally different institution due to its specificity.

Reporting, cognition, entertainment, sporting, Georgian media production and media industry development – the GPB role is to make interesting popular and vice versa, and offer the audience quality TV and radio products.

Today, GPB produces 12 hours of authentic Georgian products and supports the development of independent studios, finances Georgian production, focuses on the cultural, ethnic, gender diversity of the society in the interest of all vulnerable groups, invests multiple resources in developing the Teleskola (TV school) educational platform.

The crisis created by the spread of COVID-19 around the world has shown some potential. First of all, seeing the digital technology imperative justified the work done for the digital transformation. Developing digital platforms to make user access here and now, in the most convenient way, as well as creating and popularizing content-saturated applications is a primary goal of the GPB First Channel.

GPB First Channel faces the inevitable need for technical re-equipment for years.  Much of the ongoing reform project has been completed. Significantly, no technical-technological re-equipment of such scale and complexity has been implemented in the Georgian media market. The infrastructural change, which implies the construction of a new building, is a part of it.

Leadership based on shared values ​​with the team is crucial in the transformation process. Our goal is to accomplish all the tasks that will make GPB First Channel irreplaceable for the public and restore the image of a credible, community-oriented media leader that pursues its interests to this vital institution.