Traffic Jams in Tbilisi (Photo)
Traffic Jams in Tbilisi (Photo)

Transport movement is overloaded in Tbilisi with traffic jams across the roads. Restrictions on public transport and ban on movement during night hours from November 28 is the reason.

Movement will be restricted throughout Georgia from 21:00 to 05:00 both by cars and for pedestrians. Movement of transport within cities and between cities will be stopped. Restaurants and food objects will stop functioning. They will be able to use take-way and delivery service.

Activities of fitness clubs and swimming pools will be stopped. Conferences and training will be transformed onto remote format. Sports and culture activities will be held without attendance of spectators. Restrictions will be imposed in ski resorts.

With the exception of grocery shops, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and supply of agriculture products, all trade objects will continue working in online regime. Agrarian markets, fuel stations and car maintenance units will continue functioning.


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