Georgia launches manufacturing of electric cars
Georgia launches manufacturing of electric cars

Manufacturing of electric cars will be launched in Georgia – It was announced by Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at the presentation of the first Industrial Business Group focused on eco-friendly production.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, Changan Corporation being the largest electric car manufacturer in the world made a decision to construct its production factory in Georgia. As the Prime Minister of Georgia noted, strategic partners of Changan Corporation are such companies as Volvo, Volkswagen and Ford.

“From 2020 we will be able to supply the market with electric cars. We have selected a city, which has great industrial experience, which every Georgian loves and admires. Plant will thus be built in Kutaisi. I wish to congratulate its residents with it. Production capacity of the plant will be 40 000 cars a year, out of which 50% will be designated for the domestic market, while 20 000 cars will be exported to the European Union (EU). It is a tremendous success!” announced the Prime Minister of Georgia.

According to the Head of Government of Georgia, cars of four mark will be manufactured at the plant and will bear the sign Made in Georgia. It will be the main export commodity from Georgia to the EU. In the opinion of the Prime Minister of Georgia, several countries expressed their keen interest to host the referred enterprise and Georgia had to overcome a strong competition. Head of Government of Georgia thanked the decision-makers and contributors to the initiative for selecting Georgia as a host country of the project.

“Our recent history is full of pains and challenges. We are fighting two most pressing challenges – occupation and poverty. This troubled recent history of our country made a certain portion of our society to think whether we have the resources to shape into a successful country in the 21st century, which is lavish in innovations and high tech. Together with my friends I presented our vision to the society some weeks ago. It is a national idea. It is the only way forward to overcome all the challenges. It is of course education. It is the idea, which will always be funded with a quarter of the State Budget in Georgia, targeting the youth, education and knowledge-based economy. And today we are presenting a project, which is a specific example and assurance of making Georgia successful in the 21st century. Georgia is bound to succeed in and through the high tech sector” added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

As Head of Government of Georgia noted, environmental problems exist in the country, but the authorities have a plan to combat the challenges and make Georgia lead in terms of Green Economy. According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, high tech and accelerated development will be the signature signs of the 21st century, whereby special challenge of Georgia will be to maintain and preserve the unique nature and landscape.

“Some months ago we announced the vision of our Government towards Green Economy and Green Policy. At the same time, we pledged our commitment to address the stock of environmental problems. Green Economy will be the one to turn into a driving force of the national economy. I have always claimed and wish to repeat that Georgia has two assets. Firstly, it is our people and secondly, it is our unique nature. Georgian people have always had a special spiritual bondage with nature and Georgians always felt harmonious with nature. Main challenge of ours in the 21st century characterized with a high tech signature sign and accelerated development, is to preserve our unique nature for the new generations and make it sustainable for their benefit” added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

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