General Prosecutor’s Office released video material into case of Nika Melia

The General Prosecutor’s Office released full video material into case of Nika Melia, one of the leaders of National Movement Party in connection with June 20-21 developments outside the parliament building in Tbilisi in opposed to the video material, which the defense side of Nika Melia created to mislead the public and allegedly shows different interpretation of the events.

A special briefing was held at General Prosecutor’s Office regarding pieces of evidence gathered into the case of Nika Melia. The Prosecutor’s Office determined that Melia was the leader of group violence.

The Prosecutor’s Office says that Nika Melia was trying to give peaceful character to the attempt of intrusion into the parliament building and acting in pretending to be ready for negotiations.

The Prosecutor’s Office said it had analyzed the full material chronologically and claimed that Melia tried to camouflage his real intention and misused the trust of his supporters under the emotional background of the crowd gathered to express the legitimate protest.

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