Tag: Transparency of Foreign Influence

PM dubs adoption of Transparency Law not gov't victory or opponent defeat, but Georgia's triumph
Tbilisi Mayor salutes those who care about Georgia's fate, sovereignty on Transparency Law's adoption
European politicians express concern as parliament overrides veto on Foreign Influence Law
For Georgia Daushvili: Foreign Influence Law adoption may risk non-recognition policy
Venice Commission publishes opinion on Transparency of Foreign Influence Law
UK State Minister urges Georgian Parliament not overturn veto and withdraw foreign influence legislation
Trans-Atlantic Foreign Affairs Committee Chairs issue joint statement on adoption of Transparency of Foreign Influence law
President's Parliamentary Secretary says veto not to improve transparency law
Speaker meets EU's five FMs
PM: Transparency Law adoption provides strong guarantees for peace and stability, being essential for Georgia's integration into EU
Senator Jim Risch: By passing law Georgian gov't made clear it isn’t interested in European future
Public Defender urges parliament to achieve transparency by making changes to proposed draft law or legislation
Members of U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs send letter to Georgian PM over Transparency Law
Protest against Transparency Law underway at Parliament
German Parliament Foreign Affairs Chair urges Georgia to withdraw Transparency of Foreign Influence Law
Four MEPs call for sanctions against Georgian officials over Transparency Law
Committee Chair: Opposition MPs opted not to participate in Transparency Bill discussion
Opposition MPs claim they were not allowed to attend Legal Issues Committee session 
Legal Committee backs Transparency of Foreign Influence bill in third reading
PM: Over 80% of Georgian population backs NGOs' transparency; over 60% backs Transparency Law; Parliament executes Georgian society's will