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UNM activists rally at SSG
GYLA to publish second interim pre-election environment report
EU publishes annual report on Georgia
EU Foreign Affairs Committee condemns occupation of Georgian territories by Russia
US Department of State: Georgian Police fulfilled their duty to maintain order even in cases of unannounced protests
Natia Turnava: Report by US Department of State fairly, positively assesses reforms carried out by Georgian government in recent years
US Department of State report: Despite challenges, Georgia ranks high in the region as a good place to do business
NCDC: Among the most common concomitant diseases of COVID-19 are cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes 
Georgian PM to deliver report to Parliament today
Roads Department presenting report of 6-months work
Mamuka Bakhtadze's speech at the parliament postponed
UK support Georgian resolutions at UNGA and the UN Human Rights Council
Mamuka Bakhtadze to submit the first annual report to the parliament by the end of June
After the appeal of the First Channel of Georgia, the U.S. State Department made a correction in the report
U.S. State Department published annual Report “International Narcotics Control Strategy”
House chairs want full Mueller report by April 2
National Movement not to attend delivery of report by President in Parliament
Observers express regret toward the fact that citizens residing in occupied territories were not allowed to participate in elections
U.S. State Department: Government of Georgia fully meets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking
National Bank of Georgia to present 2017 report