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Gia Volski -  Georgia's foreign policy remains unchanged
Gia Volski - European Union made a great statement
Gia Volski – Deadline for reaching consensus over election legislation is end of February
Gia Volski on opposition's blacklist
Gia Volski - I am quite surprised by assessments and information that our fellow Congressmen have
First Vice-Speaker – I see a better court in perspective than many western countries have
Gia Volski – It is not pleasant what is happening but parliament has to continue its work
Leader of Parliamentary Majority – When people are trying to block state institutions, corresponding measures should be taken
Leader of Parliamentary Majority – Insinuations invented by occupational regime regarding Vazha Gaprindashvili’s issue are improper and incorrect
Party leaders are gathering in 'Georgian Dream' office
Gia Volski may take up post of Parliament’s First Vice Speaker
Majority Leader – Holding of elections in chaotic environment will bring bad result
Gia Volski – Gregoriy Karasin still represents a state official
Gia Volski says that next Prime Minister will be named tomorrow
Gia Volski: Discussions on government changes took place at majority sitting and will continue at political council
Gia Volski – Target of muddying water to catch a big political fish has no perspective
Gia Volski – Opposition is in bad condition, Shalva Shavgulidze has political amnesia
Gia Volski – Decision of Strasbourg Court is victory of Georgia
Gia Volski – Issue which Justice Minister is talking about is presumably linked to disjointing of Penitentiary Service
Gia Volski - Irakli Gharibashvili is a very good intellectual resource