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PM expects James O’Brien's visit to cover visa liberalization, free trade agreement, direct flights
GD's Mdinaradze: Let's revise relations with U.S. - there should be direct flights, free trade, visa-free travel 
Department of State on Georgia: Not the time to increase engagement with Russia
Human Rights Committee Chair sees no problem in direct flights restoration with Russia
Tbilisi Mayor sees nothing wrong in resumption of direct flights from Russia
Kelly Degnan: It would be terrific if there were direct flights between Georgia and US
Minister of Economy – Flights will be resumed between Georgia and Latvia
MFA - Direct flights between Georgia and Turkey will be extended till March 20
Important information for Georgian citizens being in Italy
Russian media - Moscow does not back the idea to resume direct flights between Russia and Georgia
Sergey Lavrov: It will be right to restore flights to Georgia
Georgia carries out direct flights to 39 countries
Georgia starts negotiations with the US on direct flights
Ministry of Economy to start talks with US airlines over launch of direct flights
Direct flights between Russia and Georgia officially suspended
Mamuka Bakhtadze: Ministry of Economy works to timely launch direct flights between USA and Georgia
Ross Wilson and Mariam Kvrivishvili discussed prospects for direct flights between USA and Georgia