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Six of the ten new cases of coronavirus are contacts of infected patient and four are truck drivers
US Ambassador to Georgia visits Lugar Center (Photo)
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Truck drivers are main source of imported cases in the last 4 weeks
Five new cases confirmed in quarantine zone
Head of Diseases Control Center – We allowed turning on air conditioners during examinations under condition of opened windows, same can be done in public transport
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Amiran Gamkrelidze says that all three new cases of COVID-19 are imported
Amiran Gamkrelidze says the daily rate of COVID-19 cases does not pose a threat to the Unified National Exams
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Two out of eight new cases are COVID-confirmed contacts, six are imported
Amiran Gamkrelidze says an increase in COVID-19 cases is not a ground for panic
Amiran Gamkrelidze calls on TV stations to release the information through running text that pandemic is not over
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Entrants will undergo PCR resting for free
Amiran Gamkrelidze: 24 COVID-19 cases linked to so-called Saburtalo Cluster
Amiran Gamkrelidze urges citizens to wear a face mask and observe social distancing
Amiran Gamkrelidze: 23 COVID-19 cases linked to the so-called Saburtalo Cluster
Amiran Gamkrelidze: Opinion that nicotine protects against coronavirus is myth and trick
Amiran Gamkrelidze - Number of cases was expected to increase after lifting restrictions, but it is not the number we cannot handle
Reportedly, infected person, from whose contacts 9 people were confirmed with COVID-19 today, is a doctor