Speaker deems EU FMs' presence at rally 'Soviet behaviour'
Speaker deems EU FMs' presence at rally 'Soviet behaviour'

Georgian Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili deems EU Foreign Ministers’ presence at an anti-transparency law rally as “unacceptable,” and “un-European behaviour.”

Papuashvili claims “This is a typical Soviet approach to the issue” and “does not promote friendship between countries.”

“What we observed from Lithuanian and Estonian Ministers against the Georgian people was inappropriate behavior. In principle, this is a denial of our peoples’ friendship, as well as a denial of the Georgian people’s solidarity with the Lithuanian and Estonian people during their fight for independence in the late 1980s,” the Speaker said.

According to Papuashvili “It is unfortunate that certain politicians perceive everything through their political lens and are willing to damage the friendship that exists between our countries.”

“This saddened us and led us to believe that certain local NGOs and opposition see the European Union as the Soviet Union. We want to join the European Union, not the Soviet Union. Their [FMs] attendance at the rally against the people-elected government does not represent European behavior, but rather Soviet,” the Speaker added.

The foreign ministers of Estonia, Iceland, and Lithuania addressed the rally participants against the law on transparency of foreign influence on Rustaveli Avenue on Wednesday.