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Georgian Parliament Speaker meets Turkmen counterpart
Speaker: Our gov't achieved another legal victory against Russia through tireless efforts
Speaker: Symbolic that on Zviad Gamsakhurdia's birthday, Georgians voted for nation's independence
Speaker signs law on Election Code changes, citing 'law leading to deadlock must be changed'
Speaker expresses gratitude to Switzerland for its mediation in Geneva format
Speaker meets Swiss National Council President
Speaker: We are stronger, more sovereign now; have power to end occupation
Speaker: Strategic partners confirmed unequivocally Georgia never violated sanctions
Speaker: Time showed Law on Transparency was in no way law about 'Agents' or 'Russian Law'
Speaker: Georgian authorities eliminated all threats, including pandemic, war, radicalism
Speaker believes electing PM from parliament indicates healthy political system
Speaker feels invaluable Patriarch's efforts in strengthening spirituality, awakening national self-awareness
Speaker: Welcoming New Year in peaceful, European Georgia
Speaker highlights unique contribution of Ilia II in resolving disagreements among Georgians
Speaker: In Fraser Institute report, Georgia surpasses 4 EU and 8 NATO member countries
Speaker says nation's goal should not be to initiate EU talks rapidly, but to end them swiftly
Speaker: Today's success turning point in Georgia's long history
Speaker: Georgian people to hear decision on December 14-15 recognizing historical truth that Georgia is part of European family
Speaker Papuashvili meets Azerbaijani PM
Speaker: Waiting for EC meeting on December 14-15, so that Georgian people deservedly get EU candidate statusĀ