PM thanks Interior Minister, policemen, Special Task Force Department for high-caliber professionalism
PM thanks Interior Minister, policemen, Special Task Force Department for high-caliber professionalism

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Sunday thanked Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri and his team, every policeman, Special Task Force Department, and its management – “absolutely everyone, who planned and executed this effort in an ideal manner.”

The Head of Government of Georgia highlighted that “everything was set, calculated, and controlled in an ideal manner.”

“I was observing the process from the beginning to its end and I know the high-caliber professionalism used by the law-enforcement officers in this most challenging task. It was utterly difficult, I agree with you absolutely, to avoid a disaster that could have happened there. God saved us and thank God that it all ended with very, more-or-less no loss, less problems and complications. Our police performed very soundly and demonstrated great willpower with high-caliber professionalism and our core image – humanity – was, of course, demonstrated.

A lot of criticism was heard about the alleged abuse of power by the police. It is false! It is by no means true! Who started the violence? It was launched by the younger wing of the UNM and we all know their names; so-called Girchi movement masterminded by the provocateur Japaridze and anarchists of the Franklin Club. I saw images of several of them and was astonished. Uniforms of Satanists were worn by some, the youth, I do not wish to show their faces, but it is simply alarming what is happening in the footage. This organization is collectively referred to as the UNM and it has already turned into not only a radical, but an extremist organization. They do not have a long way to go for turning into a terrorist organization.

I divided them into several groups: the first one was, of course, the UNM. It was a coordinated effort and Merabishvili was behind it, while Kezerashvili is also with him in controlling the party. If it used to be influenced by Akhalaya, while Melia was subject to their influence, nowadays it is a tandem of Merabishvili and Kezerashvili, who are managing Khabeishvili. It is very well known by all. The second obstruction wing is that of Akhalaya-Melia. By the way, what I have just told you, was confirmed by Vano Merabishvili who confirmed yesterday that their aim is to overthrow the government, change order in the country and launch a war. He confessed that it is their aim to launch a war against Russia, i.e. to open a second frontline, which we were warning people – our society – about during this one year. All these provocations, starting with a dispatch of Saakashvili and ending with plenty of other provocations, which we avoided in the country, topped with yesterday’s and past rallies,” the PM stated.