Georgia's progress praised in Davos, PM says
Georgia's progress praised in Davos, PM says

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Thursday said he had “very interesting” meetings with representatives and heads of large companies, and “I think all this will continue.”

Garibashvili underscored the significance of participating in today’s panel discussion focusing on the development of the Middle Corridor. PM believes Georgia plays “a big role” in this process.

“Today, the world order is changing. We see the states no longer respect the international order, territories of sovereign states are grossly encroached upon, and there are ongoing wars.

The conversation also touched on the crisis in Ukraine, which directly affects global order.

A lot of time was spent discussing the events in the Middle East. The events in Israel are crucial to us all, and it is in our best interests to put an end to the war and conflict as quickly as possible to establish and restore peace and stability,” Garibashvili noted.

In addition, as the Prime Minister noted, a closed dinner was held in Davos, with a lot of time devoted to Georgia.

“Georgia was given special time in the closed dinner and everyone unanimously recognised our progress,” he told reporters.

The head of government also evaluated the global economy’s predicted progress, emphasising China’s role in this process.

“This year, the global economy is predicted to expand by 3%. The fast expansion of the Chinese economy is important since it will have a spillover impact on other areas and the global economy as a whole.

As you are aware, we already have a highly successful partnership with China. Last year, I visited China, and we decided to expand our collaboration to a strategic level. All European countries, including the European Union as a whole, are interested in strengthening economic ties with China. The PM emphasised the need of prioritizing national interests and economic development,” the PM added.