PM Garibashvili resigns
PM Garibashvili resigns

Irakli Garibashvili has stepped down from the position of Prime Minister at the briefing on Monday.

Below is his full speech:

“Let me greet you all! Dear Friends, I wish to let the society know about a decision that we discussed within the team. I am leaving the position of a Prime Minister. Allow me to briefly, but clearly explain the reasons behind this decision. Most recently, at the end of last year, I presented an elaborate report to the society about my performance in the past 3 years.

You may well be aware that I started to serve at the position of the Prime Minister of Georgia for the second time in the most difficult time period in terms of internal and external political, economic, social crisis. I honestly served our country. I was protecting the interests of our country and people in an uncompromised manner and I am proud of the results achieved within this period as a team.

During the governance of the Georgian Dream, I happened to work at this highest position. I was a Prime Minister of the country for 5 years in total. One of the main factors behind the strength of our political team is an internal democracy, which has been most clearly manifested in the principle of a rotation.

Many successful leaders are within the team and opportunity needs to be given to others as well, especially now when we are facing new challenges with general elections scheduled in autumn, when we will be electing a new convocation of the Parliament. The Georgian Dream should get prepared for the convincing victory in the elections to continue the progress to achieve other, greater goals.

Considering this political reality, I received an offer from the Political Council to become a Party Chairman. The General Meeting of the Party will be held on this topic on February 1, 2024. I will not hide that we discussed within the Political Council another option to remain on the current position until the pre-election campaign would start in summer, though I preferred to take this decision now.

It is important that the next Prime Minister timely nominates his team and designates a new Government. I wish every success to the new Prime Minister!

For me, it is a great honor and responsibility to continue work within the Party to take an active part in the election process and in the development of our country at large.

For the tremendous support demonstrated during my tenure as a Prime Minister of Georgia, I express gratitude to the Founder and Honorary Chairman of our party – Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili – leadership and members of the party and parliament, leadership and each staffer of line ministries, employees of the Government Administration, every civil servant!

My special thanks for the support and encouragement go to my wife, children and parents. I hope that I will have an opportunity from now on to spend more time with my family. I wish you peace, prosperity and unification to our homeland.

May God be our protector!”

Garibashvili remarked that he received an offer from the political council to become the party chairman, and the congress to formalize these changes is slated for February 1.

Garibashvili previously held the position of Prime Minister from 2013 to 2015, resigned in December 2015, returned to the government in 2019 as the Minister of Defense, and became the Prime Minister again in February 2021.