Nikol Pashinyan Elected Prime Minister of Armenia
Nikol Pashinyan Elected Prime Minister of Armenia

Armenia witnessed a historic day as the country’s parliament elected Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister weeks after a popular movement toppled the former leader Serzh Sarkisian forcing him to resign a post to which he was elected mere seven days before.

After failing to elect a prime minister on May 1, the parliament on Tuesday with a vote of 59 to 42  elected Pashinyan, the people’s candidate and one that was nominated by one-third of lawmakers to the highest office to the country,

The Republican Party of Armenia, which essentially blocked Pashinyan’s election last week, voted, as reported by Asbarez News Agency.

The session opened with Parliament Speaker Ara Babloyan recognizing that it was the 26th anniversary of the liberation of Shushi, to which the parliament convened with applause from the gathered parliament members.

Pashinyan’s Yelk alliance member Lena Nazaryan introduced the candidate by presenting his biography after pointing out that Armenia has experienced a new renaissance through a people’s movement that has forced change in the country through smile, laughter and dance.

She invited Pashinyan, who outlined that the fact that this session of parliament was taking place on the anniversary of the liberation of Shushi was a clear indication that the heroic battles that realized Artsakh’s liberation will also be applied to free the people of Armenia from the social injustices they have endured for several decades.

The parliament session was taking place as thousands gathered at Republic Square to view the proceedings live on day which Pashinyan on Monday declared a holiday.