New subway line will connect Tbilisi and Rustavi

The Government of Georgia and the Tbilisi City Hall are starting the development of a ground-based subway project. It has been announced at the presentation of the first phase of ‘Green Policy: Eco-Friendly Transport’ today.

According to the project, at the first stage, the ground-based metro will connect the Samgori metro station with the Lilo market and Tbilisi Airport. Construction work will be launched at the end of 2019. Works for modernization of the Samgori metro station will be carried out, which will be connected with a new metro line.

Within 2021-2022, seven new metro stations and a fully renovated Samgori metro station will be gradually put into operation.

At the second stage, Tbilisi and Rustavi will be connected through ground-based metro.

$ 90 million will be allocated for the first phase of the project.