Lelo Samadashvili calls on FM to resign
Lelo Samadashvili calls on FM to resign

The opposition Lelo party MP, Salome Samadashvili, calls the Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili to resign.

The lawmaker stated that Georgian diplomats must always serve their country. However, she also mentioned that the head of the foreign affairs ministry cannot attend the parliament because the legislative body no longer represents the Georgian people’s will.

Samadashvili believes the minister should resign due to a shift in the country’s foreign policy course by the government he represents.

“Ilia Darchiashvili is unable to attend the parliament today. As the country’s foreign minister and a representative of a government that has shifted the national foreign policy, it’s understandable that he couldn’t appear.

The independence and statehood of our country rely on two main pillars: the Georgian army and Georgian diplomacy. Both are essential to uphold our nation’s sovereignty. Georgian diplomats must serve as devoted defenders of their state, and today, a Foreign Minister, a leader, cannot attend the Georgian parliament because it no longer represents the will of the Georgian people.

My message to Ilia Darchiashvili is clear: submit your resignation, as this government is nearing the end of its tenure. It will reflect positively on your reputation that you chose not to support the country’s betrayal during a critical moment. Submit your resignation and go home,” the MP stated.