Junior Eurovision 2021 to start in Paris

Junior Eurovision 2021 is about to start in Paris, France, where 19 countries, including Georgia, are participating.

Georgian contender Niko Kajaia will get on the La Seine Musicale stage number two with the song Let’s Count The Smiles, written and composed by Giga Kukhianidze.

The first round of voting has opened on Friday at vote.junioreurovision.tv and closes today, just before Junior Eurovision goes live from La Seine Musicale.

The second voting window will open after the last song (number 19 in the running order) has performed during the 2021 Junior Eurovision live broadcast. Viewers then have approximately 15 minutes to cast their vote.

Besides voting for Georgia, watchers will be able to vote for two other contenders.

The results will be determined by a combination of votes cast by viewers (50% of the total points) and those awarded by juries (50% of the total points). The song with the highest score will win.


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