Joachim Stamp: Pleased to establish permanent framework for migration cooperation with Georgia
Joachim Stamp: Pleased to establish permanent framework for migration cooperation with Georgia

The German government’s Special Representative for Migration Agreements, Joachim Stamp, has responded to the migration and mobility agreement between the governments of Georgia and Germany.

In a tweet, Joachim Stamp stated that a permanent framework for cooperation in the field of migration is being established.

“I am pleased that we have not only signed an agreement with Georgia but have also established a permanent framework for cooperation in migration. Our goal is to prevent illegal migration, reduce undocumented asylum seekers, and enhance orderly migration, benefiting both countries. We have agreed with the Georgian side to promptly initiate expert groups. These groups will work on developing targeted information campaigns to decrease undocumented asylum applications and increase opportunities for legal migration. This approach aims to improve prospects while avoiding the so-called brain drain.

A formal agreement establishes a collaborative effort to benefit both parties involved. We are committed to its further development. This initiative is crucial to sourcing the workforce without adversely affecting our partners. It ensures that individuals without prospects of staying do not resort to this path.

We have a unique opportunity to explore Georgia, which offers rich cultural diversity that would be a valuable acquisition for Europe. I eagerly anticipate mutual exchanges, particularly in the educational field. I express my gratitude to Georgia for initiating this positive cooperation,” Joachim Stamp tweeted.

Stamp’s remarks came after the two-day official visit of the German Federal Minister of the Interior and Community Nancy Faeser to Georgia, during which the agreement on migration and mobility was signed on December 19. The agreement focuses on strengthening cooperation in labour migration and education between the two countries.