Georgian Ambassador: No reports of Georgian citizens injured in Israel
Georgian Ambassador: No reports of Georgian citizens injured in Israel

The Ambassador of Georgia to Israel, Lasha Zhvania, expressed the gravity of the situation in Israel, describing the recent terrorist act as unprecedented in scale, with no comparable event in the country’s recent history.

“There has not been a terrorist act of this scale in the country for many years; it is practically impossible to remember any event in the history of Israel that resulted in so many victims. In the morning, the Israeli army also published a list of 25 dead youths, whose average age is 20 years. This is the most difficult period in the history of the State of Israel, in the life of the Jewish nation,” stated Ambassador Zhvania.

He went on to report that, fortunately, no citizens of Georgia were injured in the events unfolding in Israel.

“Currently, more than 250 deaths are reported, and not all places are still under the control of the Israeli army. However, there is no information about injuries to Georgian citizens. We are in constant contact with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israeli Police. No citizens of Georgia have been reported injured during this period. Yesterday, several of our citizens were moved to a safe place, with three in Netanya and one in Tel Aviv,” Zhvania confirmed.

Moreover, the ambassador shared that some Georgian citizens needed assistance from the embassy, and they are currently in safe locations.

“International commercial airlines have canceled flights to and from Israel, although the Israeli airport remains open. Several flights operated yesterday, with several dozen Georgian citizens returning to Georgia. For those unable to return, the Embassy of Georgia has provided hotel accommodations. Children attending a festival are with their teachers and are safe,” added Zhvania.