Georgia endorses Safer Skies initiative
Georgia endorses Safer Skies initiative

Georgia took part in the virtual meeting for the first annual Safer Skies Forum organized by the Ministry of Transport of Canada on December 8-9 this year.

According to the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, the purpose of the meeting was to hold a wide-ranging dialogue on reducing threats and risks to civilian flights in conflict zones with international organizations and partner countries.

Georgia endorsed the Safer Skies initiative. Levan Karanadze, Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, joined the joint Safer Skies Statement on behalf of Georgia.

According to the document, the parties agree to deepen cooperation in improving the mechanism for sharing information, best practices, and warning messages on civilian flights in conflict zones. The document also addressed developing national requirements for air carriers and providing them with risk assessment, as well as strengthen coordination between service enterprises and agencies responsible for national defense, etc.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, introduced the Safer Skies initiative earlier this year. The initiative aims to strengthen international partnerships during hostilities to ensure the safety of civilian flights in conflict zones and reduce risks.