Georgia earns record-breaking $4.1 billion in tourism revenue
Georgia earns record-breaking $4.1 billion in tourism revenue

The revenue from international tourism surpassed the 2019 level by 26.2% (USD 856.7 million) and the 2022 data by +17.3% (USD 608.7 million) in 2023, reported the National Tourism Administration.

Georgia achieved a record-breaking $4.1 billion in tourism revenue. For the fourth quarter of 2023, tourism revenue amounted to $873,677,043.
The National Tourism Administration highlights a 27.4% increase compared to the same indicator in 2019.

“Last year witnessed a significant rise in both income and the number of visitors. In 2023, Georgia welcomed 7,072,220 international travellers, marking a 75.6% recovery compared to pre-pandemic levels and a +30.3% increase compared to 2022. Additionally, 4,669,467 international tourist visits occurred in Georgia in 2023, reflecting a 91.9% recovery from 2019 and a +27.8% increase from 2022.

Georgia hosted 1,505,240 international travellers, constituting a 71% recovery from pre-pandemic levels during the October-December 2023. In the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, 1,013,891 international tourist visits took place, representing a 93% recovery from 2019,” the National Tourism Administration reported.