GD Chair labels US Embassy's statement both startling and disrespectful to public
GD Chair labels US Embassy's statement both startling and disrespectful to public

The chair of the ruling Georgian Dream (GD) party, Irakli Kobakhidze, assessed the US Embassy’s remarks on the State Security Service’s investigation into Canvas organization’s activities as both startling and disrespectful to the public.

According to the GD Chair, the Georgian society expects the US Embassy not to support revolutionary processes in the country.

“I read the embassy’s statement on this topic yesterday. I was puzzled, and I can tell you that we heard a very unsettling comment. Instead of witnessing an alienation from the activities directly associated with revolution preparation, we observed an entirely different message, which is alarming. The Georgian people want peace, not revolution, like the revolution caused in our neighbouring nation, Ukraine. People do not want this; they want the embassy to take a different stance on this issue. The stance is that they will not support revolutionary processes under any circumstances. However, yesterday’s statement was absolutely startling and disrespectful to Georgian society,” stated Irakli Kobakhidze.

The State Security Service on October 2 disclosed part of the evidence obtained through a secret investigation into the activities of Canvas organization representatives, which allegedly involved meetings with NGOs and civil activists to prepare for a revolutionary scenario.

The U.S. Embassy in Georgia responded that “allegations made publicly today against one of our assistance projects are false and fundamentally mischaracterise the goals of our assistance to Georgia.”