France and Germany initiate EU's "four-speed" enlargement proposal
France and Germany initiate EU's "four-speed" enlargement proposal

French and German experts unveiled a proposal for sweeping structural reforms to the European Union and to bring in new member countries by the end of the decade.

The report, commissioned by the EU’s two biggest countries, aims to overhaul rules and prepare to govern in a union of 30 or more nations. According to Politico, the authors envision a model in four concentric circles:

“1. The inner circle; 2. The EU; 3. Associate members; 4. The European Political Community (a loose association of European leaders that meet twice a year to talk),” they write.

French and German experts also propose radical reforms to streamline the EU’s structure, including cutting the number of commissioners and members of the European Parliament and scrapping national vetoes.

EU ministers will discuss the proposal on Wednesday to prepare the ground for an upcoming summit of national leaders in October, where enlargement is expected to top the agenda.